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Groups Nonnie_Mouse Created



    Post news, tips and events here.

    46 members


    Alternative energy

    Wind, Wave, Sun - for or against, discuss it here.

    41 members


    Charities and Fundraising

    All your news and appeals for local, national and international good causes.

    69 members



    Are you an organisation looking for volunteers or a volunteer wanting to help out - this one's for you!

    27 members



    Post news about exhibitions, reviews, local groups and events here.

    33 members

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Groups Nonnie_Mouse Joined

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    Food and Drink

    Review a restaurant or bar, send in your recipes and cooking tips, tell us about your foodie passions.

    55 members

  • Profile image for Moving Pictures


    What's going on down on the farm? Share your views here.

    23 members

  • Profile image for Bideford People


    Get the latest crime news, community information and general goings on in Bideford

    21 members

  • Profile image for Bideford People


    Get the latest transport news, community information and general goings on in Saltash

    26 members

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    Christmas and New Year in Bideford

    Festive group for all Bideford's goings on this Christmas and New Year!

    36 members

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