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    The Inter-Knits

    A new inter-knit group - Bideford People's first online knitting community - we can swap knitting yarns & stories, ideas and cool patterns

    7 members

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    Bideford Weather

    ... well, it's what we all talk about whether we like it or not!

    40 members

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    Bideford Town

    Anything and everything to do with Our Town!

    44 members

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    Green Group

    Discuss local, national and global environmental issues here.

    47 members

  • Profile image for Bideford People


    Get all of the latest Bideford Events news and join the discussion on the Bideford

    152 members

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Auntie Woo

Why I like Bideford

Lots of good healing vibes and loads of alternative things going on - if you know where to look


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